AquaWrite gives you endless possibilities!

With our advice your workplace will promote curiosity and imagination all in a creative solving prone environment.
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AquaWrite is a high-performance whiteboard paint that offers a high-gloss finish. We retail AquaWrite in a Clear and White version. This allows our customers to use it over any colour and surface. Priming and Installation can be done in the same day, as it requires only a single wet on wet coat application of the whiteboard paint solution. This also shortens the curation time leaving the wall writable after only 3 days. The product is intended to be used by professional painters!

Most durable

AquaWrite is the most durable dry-erase product available on the market to date. Our paints are supported by a 10 year warranty. We guarantee that the AquaWrite white-board paint will not crack, peel, stain or face away with proper use and maintenance.

Perfect for short throw projectors.

AquaWrite high performance whiteboard paint surfaces are perfect for short throw projection and interactive surfaces. This means, that our surfaces replace both the Smartboard, projection screen and the whiteboard.

All colours, all surfaces.

Paint from wall to wall from floor to ceiling in the colour of choice. Think doors, desks, full walls, lockers, all colours and surfaces possible, without chalk dust as your upcoming whiteboard


AquaWrite is a water base paint and it is the most environmentally friendly dry erase, whiteboard paint on the market. Easily wash your tools in water and reuse them if you like.


Mag + is a patented magnetic surface wallpaper.  You can cover your entire wall or office as our technology allows our product to be installed with invisible joints. You can achieve smooth surfaces without holes or adhesive strips with no annoying limitations as panels or rails.  Clean and easy processing, with no difference in colour and texture from the rest of the surrounding area. Our product does not affect mobile phones or WLAN signals, as the materials used in building them does not interfere with this signals.

AquaWrite with MAG+

Combine AquaWrite with MAG+ for invisible, magnetically active presentation surfaces in all formats, sizes and colours. This offer you unlimited possibilities, and opportunities in order to achieve the maximum creativity potential of your surroundings.
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We have worked hard to develop our own eco-friendly accessories that offer a great experience and enables an easy maintenance of your WriteWall. Through innovation, experience, and talented partners, our new accessory portfolio is now finally ready for the market.


The self-adhesive surface is available in both glossy and matte as well as in several colours and in transparent. The product is suitable for glass wall an traditional chalkboard
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Transform the surface into a large magnetic WriteWall with the MAGWrite Tape. The product is made from 60% recycled materials making it the most sustainable solution of its kind.
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Out of your mind and on to the wall.

AquaWrite gives you endless possibilities. Interact and create message centers, play rooms, to-do lists and scheduels from the comfort of you home.
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