We have taken the fight against chalk dust and traditional solutions seriously.

Everybody is entitled to a good and healthy working and learning environment. We are both proud and happy to create change and new ways of working, among people in general where WriteWall is involved.
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Our story

It’s funny how we find our purpose in life. For WriteWall and me, it all started very early during middle school. My asthma was disturbing me every time I used chalk or the chalk eraser, which in times made it difficult for me to work and learn. As a shy kid I was always daydreaming about being able to write all over the walls instead of going up to the dusty chalkboard in front of everyone. That would have help and supported my issues by actions.
In my family, there was painters, paint shop managers, and my uncle who was a paint manufacturer with his own paint factory. I loved working with them in my childhood. After finishing my education as a construction painter, I started my own painting company the same year my education was fulfilled. 5 years after, I had +20 employees and a handful in training. While traveling to the USA I had the privilege of visiting Stanford university, were for the first time, I saw the first patent whiteboard wallcovering made of Teflon. I decided to import the products to Europe, as an exclusive distributor. Over 8 years, I covered 18 European countries whit whiteboard wallcoverings and whiteboard paints.
Trough the years we have seen room for improvement for the products we installed, but nobody was taking action, so we did!
I decided to join my uncles factory in order to create what might be the best performance and most sustainable whiteboard paint on the marked to date, that we called AquaWrit. It took me 4 years in the laboratory while learning from the best in the business, my uncle Carl, how to develop and produce high performance paint. The year 2015 marked the birth of our new product. We used 2 years on prove of concept, by contacting the 100 largest and most innovative companies in Scandinavia, and we got +75 of the companies as customers within the first 2 years.
The feedback was excellent, everyone was excited, and now we could official launce our products on the global market.
Today, we have installers and distributors in all Scandinavia and in the Middle East.

Founded in 2005 by Lars Frey



WriteWallPaint ApS is founded as a result of many years of research and the development of AquaWrite. This enabled us to start the production of AquaWrite primer and Whiteboard paint

2015 miracle accessories portfolio is on the market.


2000 installations over 2 years with more than 75 of the largest companies, proves our new paint and concept.

Our beloved WriteWallers

Since 2005 Write Walls whiteboard alternative solutions have been installed and tested at some of the largest companies and schools in Scandinavia.
The feedback we get is excellent, Denmark’s largest, most innovative, and fast-growing companies became WriteWallers.
They see us as their essential partners when it comes to thinking big and wide.
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Out of your mind and on to the wall.

AquaWrite gives you endless possibilities. Interact and create message centers, play rooms, to-do lists and scheduels from the comfort of you home.
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