WriteWall installations.

We offer installation services for our alternative whiteboard solution. We can take care from A to Z of your walls and any surface you decide to transform into a whiteboard surface.
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AquaWrite Installation

With AquaWrite we can transform any non-transmitting surface into a high-performance whiteboard. Only a single layer is necessary. That’s why we can prime and install on the same day, having your WriteWall up and running after only 3 days. Available in a white or transparent version.
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Preparation and full spatlling

To ensure a smooth installation and a reliable surface, we recommend including a thorough preparation of the chosen surface beforehand in case there are any uneven or crooked areas.

Creative Painting Jobs.


Repairing Treatment

If your wall is crooked or dented we can rebuild it for you in order to create the smoothes, flatest surface for your future WriteWall.


We can also be hired to perform test installation.

Repairing Treatment

Your wall has aged up? You used a permanent marker and it’s too late to save your WriteWall? No problem we can restore it to its original shine and state.

Mag+ Installation

We install Mag+ with invisible joints, which makes it possible to achieve a uniform surface spanning the entire wall without relying on any panels, rails or holes that would otherwise disrupt the smooth exterior.
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Professional installation courses

Cover the entire office or meeting room with, WriteWallPaints AquaWrite, to trigger big IDEAS! With our help all surfaces can become your new whiteboard.
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Cleaning Service Agreement

In addition to daily maintenance, we offer ad hoc cleaning and service agreements where we take care of everything that involves maintaing your whiteboard installation.
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Out of your mind and on to the wall.

AquaWrite gives you endless possibilities. Interact and create message centers, play rooms, to-do lists and scheduels from the comfort of you home.
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